Monday, 10 December 2018


Has no one told you they love you? Love yourself.
(By the way my baby, I really do love you more than words can say.)

Has no one cheered you on? Cheer yourself, be the best and biggest cheerleader; then work for yourself.

Has no one told you how beautiful you are, Nne take it from me, monkey no dey born goat. You are so beautiful, made in the likeness of God but unless you are sure from the insides of you, you will listen to jealous people.

Be wise, get wisdom from God
Always think things through
Learn from wise people, 
Differentiate between wordly wisdom and Godly wisdom
You are royalty my daughter, always carry yourself better than the queen.
Do not beg to acquire friends, any friend you beg to acquire may make you set aside your crown in order to retain such friendship.
If your friends are not moving in the same direction as you or helping you do better why keep them as friend?
You do not have to be a friend of the whole world, being on good terms is good enough.
Never be afraid to remove toxic peaople, situations and events from your life.


Sunday, 9 December 2018


Do not lose yourself dear.
I tell you, it is very easy to lose yourself or let time pass too quickly that before you realise it is too late.
1. Get an education, get more education, pursue a career if that is what you want (If I raised you, you can never be content being a house wife.)
2. Get a husband who dreams like you, who fulfiling your dreams will fulfil his.
3. Get you a man who fears God, not a religious only man. I know it is easy to differentiate but if you are a woman of God yourself, it becomes easy.
4. Never wait on a man to make you. Your father and I have raised you, telling you how you must dress and what you must do is a No-No and a potential disaster. Go for someone who asks you what you will like to do and how they can assist you.

Your children will one day wish you were the best you could be. Also, never care less about your children, you raise them how you want them. Dont delegate your responsibilities towards them but yes, get help.

Love you,

Saturday, 8 December 2018


Hello dear daughter,
The most important gift I hope to give you will be relationship with God.
The next important gift I hope God helps me give you is the best education. Cherish it!
If no one gives it to you, please feel free to get them for yourself. They are the most important things in life my dear.
Love you,

Friday, 7 December 2018


I will keep this very short.
Never burn the bridge that will lead you home.
Never be coerced to neglect family.
Never be so busy you neglect family.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

My daughter: Do not be a bat, the vagina is not 'natural resources'

Mama, as I fondly call you. If you have a sister, I may call her Ah-girl if nothing more wierd comes to mind.

There is no natural resource in the female genitals so there is no need to try to make a fortune from it. You will never be able to make great sustainable wealth through the use of the vagina.

Success is not sexually transmitted and my darling, even if you end up with a very wealthy prince. You will find that majority of marital issues have root in money so you will be wise to earn it for yourself even if it means washing cars for a daily fee (I obviously am raising you to do better).

I have some rules you should do well to keep
1. The world have substituted the word 'sex' for the word 'dating', I dont want you to do that
2. Do not spend your energy on relationships while you are in school, my daughter ko le work!
You will give me a masters degree certificate.
3. Do not enter into lengthy relationships, drawn out relationships do not always work out plus you may have just wasted time of your life servicing the wrong people and things.
4. Never take on wifely duties befor you are married. I once pretended to a potential suitor that I could neither cook nor clean and throughout brother suggested after we got married his mum would teach me.
LESSON: A man who will marry you will not ask for more than you offer.
People usually would not buy a cow for milking if they are getting milk for free.
5. Never be rushed to do now what you know will be better later. when it comes to marriage, your dad waited till I was done with masters degree. My daughter, if he is any good, he will wait till you are ready.
6. Never accept conditions tied to marriage, it is all bullshit.
You must get pregnant before I marr you... Bull shit!
If you have worked on continuously being a better person for yourself, no person should give you more conditions before they wife you.
7.My daughter do not attempt to equate your vagina to a natural resource, you will soon find that it can never fetch you as much as your head can.
Do not be pressured to give to the highest bidder or boyfriends when your are fully grown, you find it is laced with regrets.
Love You,

Friday, 30 November 2018

MY DAUGHTER! Get rid of the bats

While you are becoming the best version of yourself, most people see it and understand that you are 'on a roll' and headed to the top.

The good news is that with persistence and diligence you will get there.
The bad news is that there are two groups of people interested in you at this stage
1. Some individuals too lazy to get better themselves and who will do anything it takes to acquire someone who is going where they desire to go because they are too lazy to go themselves.

2. The other set of individuals, are those who get a kick out of discouraging you, not helping you and rubbishing your little achievements.

These people are the bats to be rid of, whether they be friends, aacquintances or family member, pay them no attention.

Thursday, 5 July 2018


Let me tell you a story about a time in my senior secondary school F. G. G. C. Benin, when students will cheat, some by asking others in the examination hall; other by hiding their notes on them and using the notes.